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Realtime transcription is the process of converting shorthand notes produced on a shorthand machine (e.g., ProCAT X p r e s s i o n) to English text and the immediate displaying of the same for the benefit of consumers.

CasePad is a realtime testimony browser (viewer) which displays the realtime text produced by a court reporter using ProCAT Winner computer-aided transcription software. Judges, attorneys, or hearing impaired consumers may use the CasePad app to preview the transcript of a proceeding in realtime.

CasePad users may connect to a realtime court reporter over a WiFi/Ethernet network. Once connected to a realtime session, the user will receive any prior testimony for the session in progress and then receive additional testimony as it becomes available. The user may scroll through the realtime transcript or search for a passage or review an earlier testimony.

Users may mark issues throughout the transcript to serve as quick reference locations, and immediately jump to to any of the coded locations throughout the transcript.

Saved transcripts can be loaded with the online viewer, or with downloaded the viewer below.

The viewer itself is a simple web page, usable in any web browser, desktop or mobile, and the transcripts are embedded in an image that you can save and e-mail easily on any platform.

Download the compressed viewer for offline browsing, unzip it to use.

Open the online viewer for all

Open Viewer

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